Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tech love

  A couple of things that I need, which I thought I never needed haha. First one is the external hard drive, I bought BF one a year ago and now it seems that I need one for myself. I’m beginning to think now, am I being a gadget freak too? yikes! Well, I sure hope I can buy these in time.
1. NIKON L21 or L22?
l21Pink                                                                  NIKON L21
Why I like it? because it’s pink, however it’s a little bulky because it uses 2 AA batteries. But this baby has an 8MP which ain’t bad. Price varies on different stores.
nikon-L22-450   Why I like it? it’s relatively slimmer than the L21, I think it runs on AA batteries as well, this one has a 12MP feature, slightly bigger LCD screen and 5 color feature which I would like to play around. BF and I checked these out at Glorietta near food choices, forgot the name of the store :(
   It’s funny how my mom is a photographer but never got her “genes” of being one, or even taking great photos like her, I’m an amateur really when it comes to photography. So why do I need one? I want to take better photos for my blog and capture every detail and enjoy their vivid colors. Also for those precious or wacky moments with the BF, as well as our future travel (which I hope will push through) this Christmas.
2. Western Digital – Hard drive
wdfMP_Essential_AD1                                       My Passport Essential 250 or 320 GB
  Need this for saving important files such as softwares, files and other stuff which a USB isn’t enough. So of course, if this design is not available I’d go with this one, they’re all the same model.
hd-wd2*all photos we’re taken from their site.
3. ASUS Eee Netbook
   I’m not sure if by the time I can buy, if the Karim Rashid edition is still available, but for a netbook, I would go with ASUS since it’s tried and tested, which BF has for almost 2 years already I think (not the Karim Rashid okay? hehe)

  4. Nintendo DSi
    DSi       I miss owning a gaming hand held, used to have a DS Lite  but looong story…
      I just miss gaming and this one is perfect for me.
  I think that’s about it, BF says all in perfect time, since whatever we wanted we always get it, may not be now but in time ;) But of course I can’t help but crave for these especially the camera. XD
Till then!


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