Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend escapade + food tripping


  Happy Sunday all! Hope you’re all doing great this weekend! Yesterday was with the BF, first went to his group meeting with his friends then after that was us time. We first had dinner at Glorietta, first I was craving for Shakey’s but there was a long waiting line for it and we couldn’t wait since we were in a hurry to go shopping for his clothes. We ended up going to food choices instead, and among all the numerous choices, we decided to eat at Savoury, it was both our childhood memory, where our parents took us to eat somewhere down town manila. The lady offered us their package meal good for two people for only P290.00 which was not bad since it has a quarter leg chicken and 2 side dishes. We also ordered their Shrimp puff P125.00

Image1182                             My side dish was the spicy squid, which was just okay

Image1184                                          BF’s plate with the sweet and sour pork

  First off all, it was cute when we first took our  first bite of the chicken before anything else and said “hmmmmm…. definitely tastes like waay back when we we’re kids.” It does actually the chicken remained it’s taste just like before which was good and it was a pretty big quarter leg chicken. Of course, this isn’t complete without “THE” gravy, soo yummy!



                                                      Puff Shrimp P125.00

  It doesn’t look appealing for some but this was really good, I liked the puff that covered the shrimp. Dinner was indeed good, specially when you’re with you love one to eat with. Btw, Glorietta and Landmark we’re on sale, bought a few stuff at Landmark like, blotting film, nivea pearl beauty soap, carmex lip balm (no pictures sorry), I loved that they have a section dedicated for lip balms but I was really trying hard not to spend so much within my budget. Didn’t even buy make up since I still have a lot. But it was all good, it’s been a while since I went to Landmark and it sure did change, if only we were not in a hurry we could’ve strolled and checked other new stuff. BF and I while shopping bought some Mrs. Fields 1 dozen bite sized cookies, yum!~ it costs around P140 for 1 dozen if I remember it right.

My Verdict: 4/5 spoons (for the chicken) 5/5 (for the gravy) and 3.9/5 for the shrimp puff

  I really have fun when I’m out with the BF, of course with great friends too that I met in the office. It makes my day, makes me sane from the insanity and toxic people, ppsshh. 

  About the Hello Kitty BF surprised me by buying it for me, the mug, bowl and plate, here’s the picture of the mug.

Image1178                                                            ♥  Thanks babe ♥


    We also checked the gadgets and looked for cameras and phones, I’m undecided to get either the NIKON  L21 or the L22, I want a slim camera with a li-on battery but there’s no pink color for it. Well, it’s a long decision I have to make, as for the N8 this is too much for my budget, might as well buy a laptop with it’s price tag right? So yeah, I’m still going for the C3. 3 more weeks before my birthday, thinking of what to do, or if I should celebrate, no special plans but maybe make a wish list, even that I’m not sure either, haha. Oh well! Just one more day before I start for work again, can’t wait!

Till then!



  1. kitten! when is your birthday?

  2. @Lady E: September 5, weeee, hehe. How bout yours? ^_^


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