Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tabby is well


   Just wanted to update you guys that the little kitty is well. The Vibra Vet medicine or what the Vet injected was effective. The symptoms that were showing a few days ago were respiratory problems already. He used to look like gasping for air,  but that was because he couldn’t breathe properly, but now he can sleep soundly and finally eating too.

   One thing I noticed was, his voice seemed to drop, usually when it’s eating time he meows quite a lot, but since he got sick he has this faint meow. The vet said since he is male, he’s at the point of vocalizing, with that said, I hope in a week his voice will be back to normal. I also put fern-C in his food as suggested by  Lady E.

   Special mention to my blogger friends Lady E, and john and also to salmoncat and Midge for wishing him well.

   The problem with our house, as much as I want to keep them indoors, there’s this one part that they can squeeze in to get out (we are renting the place, and the 2nd floor has lots of cats and including a war freak huge cat Siamese). For now, I have to keep them caged and only let them out when I’m on my rest days. I need tabby to be fully well so I can give him a bath and this time, but most probably early next year give him shots.

Here are videos: the 2nd video was the first time he ate after 2 days






                                My baby before he got sick, he loves the cage 


Till then!




  1. so who owned that huge, warfreak siamese cat. hahahaha. so pati pusa pala meron silang tinatawag na BI(bad influence)? they have their own culture at hawaan ng ugali? hahaha.

  2. I don't know eh, it was weird coz it was just roaming around the house for 2 nights a few months ago. Actually, siamese cats are known to be war freak, it's their nature.

  3. good to know Tabby's recovering na.

    warfreak siamese cat. laughed while imaging how he/she would be like. Meowrr!

  4. ah, so siamese cats are the doberman cat version. :)

  5. @john: yeah, parang ganun na nga, they are sweet and follow their owners around and talk alot, but with other cats very very war freak. I was there when they had a cat fight.

  6. hahaha... o nga, i youtubed it, talkative nga, sobra.

  7. Yay! Glad to head Tabby's much better now. Hope his condition continues to improve. :3

  8. kakatakot ung mga pusa pag nag aaway! i'm glad Tabby is well!! the chute baby is well!! Yay!!!

    Do your cats like to bathe? Ung mga cats ko, waaaah!!! Lagi kaming nag aaway. Habulan kami sa cr. Now I just give them sponge baths. I boil some water then put it in a basin with some cold water para lukewarm, then put a drop or two of shampoo then mix. Then I get a face towel tapos un na ung pinapang punas ko sa knila. Same way to rinse off. I made the mistake of putting too much shampoo nung first time so para ring naligo ung pusa ko.

    I found that they like this method better. I guess it's the temperature of the water. Sabi nung isang article na nabasa ko, dapat daw ung water same temp as their bodies. I was surprised because even the older cats loved it!

    what's your technique?

  9. @Lady E: Thanks E, yeah I'm super happy too.

    When I use warm water, di sila pumapalag, but the hardest to bathe is si tabby, he growls eh, im scared he might scratch my face, haha.

    I just lock the cr, sometimes kasi when I'm too lazy, I use running water, si tabby nag wawala sobra, but si Piccolo he's not that wild. Pero pag warm water their both calm.

    @Midge: thank you


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