Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lady E’s Favorite things: DIY Pampering Giveaway


     Another giveaway from Lady E for her birthday giveaway. It’s a birthday giveaway for the whole month of February. For this part, she’s currently on her DIY pampering giveaway.

       My favorite DIY product are scrubs like the lulur and St. Ives scrub for the face. For hair I like/love L’oreals hair mask the white and the yellow one. It really makes my hair silky smooth. For the lulur? need I explain more? it smells so fragrant that I’m crazy over the scent. It also does it job in whitening but you have to use it constantly though. St. Ives has been my staple facial scrub.

       For the prize I would want to win, I’d like this:

pamper pack 1, by bitsandtreats[5] 

       Why I want to win this?

           I’m a sucker for lulur and face masks. I actually need a good pampering because I’ve been soooo stressed out for the past few weeks. Not really work related. Besides that, I also need a good facial (in preparation for the wedding I’ll be attending), and with facial masks, it would suffice for the moment. Getting  free stuff or simply buying something I really like would definitely make me feel good.  And besides what girl wouldn’t want or buy this right?


  For more details on how to win this check out Lady E’s giveaways here.


  Till then!



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