Sunday, February 06, 2011

Saturday date with BF and Friends


  Yesterday spent the day with the BF and our friends, it was loads of fun. We were way too early for the meet up time, so we first scouted for prices for an Ipod touch in Makati Greenbelt and Glorietta. I literally had no sleep since yesterday and you could imagine how much of a zombie I look . Conscious levels going up and it was one of those not so pretty days for me. Oh well, strolling around looking for gadgets and places to eat made us hungry that we ended up eating at Glorietta food choices, Go greek.

DSCN1872                      Pita with hummus P65

DSCN1873                             Pita with Feta dip P65

   The  feta dip tasted a bit tad too sour for my taste, should’ve went for the hummus instead.

Main course:

DSCN1874                              Lamb Gyro platter P195


DSCN1877  DSCN1878

  BF’s order

DSCN1875                                          Steak kebab P195 

    The BF was jealous with my order, yes! the lamb platter was really good, and the potatoes were yummy. Surprisingly, the lamb pieces were soft and cooked well. BF kept telling, next time I’m gonna order that! haha! As for his order, I thought the pieces would be hard just like the last time we ate there, but to my surprise it was soft. Flavorful too! Along with these 2 dishes came with 2 dips



   Both dips were yummy, and all gulped it down with soda

DSCN1881                          BF had sprite, I had the coke “light”  

      I have a sweet tooth, and usually after meals, I look for dessert. BF wanted ice cream so I made way. We ate at Dairy Queen for our sweet fix of mud pie, I had the small one and he got the big one, and ended up not finishing both. Next time, share~ hate wasting money. hehe

DSCN1887 DSCN1888

      So full we both were, we decided to walk around, had his ring cleaned and while waiting

DSCN1896 DSCN1897     See my face? now that’s what you call no SLEEP at all for more than 12 hours. 

     We met up with our friends at Greenbelt to watch Tangled in 3D, we didn’t have time to take photos of the 3D glasses, but definitely much, waaay better than the one at IMAX. Our friend N, felt woozy after though. :(

     Dinner was next, which will be my next post, so stay tuned please? I know It’s been a while since I blogged, which was already explained why. Upcoming haul to come. ;)


Till then!




  1. i also want to try this too! man... you're making me hungry. x)

  2. I haven't had lunch yet. I think I'll have Go Greek for lunch today... But I can't eat lamb. My usual order is the mixed meat gyro. I'll probably get the rice instead of the potatoes as I'm starvin'...

  3. truth be told, this is the only thing i am frequenting at the Glorieta foodcourt. this is a brainchild of Rob Goco, the same man who brought to you Cyma, Ristras, and Charlie's Burgers.

  4. @sugar sugar: try it when you can.

    @lady e: I'll try the mix gyro next time.

    @john: I see, before we used to frequent Okuya, but the food changed. We were supposed to eat at world chicken but the line is always long. It's my 2nd time pa lang at Go greek.

  5. kelangan magcomment ulet ako kase may napansin ako. i like what you're wearing Katey. ganda ng color combination. black and pink and blue. it's very elegant and stately. good fashion choice. oh well, ikaw pa.

    having said that, i remember giving the same compliment to a friend for wearing such a fab blouse. next day, she bought two of them. hahaha.

  6. @john: uy salamat sa compliment, haha. Na flatter masyado siguro kaya she bought two. hehe

    I'm no fashionista naman. haha!


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