Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chunky Bling Beaded Watches: A sweet deal~


   Are you fond of accessories? swarovski? Chunky Bling is the one for you. Currently they are having a crazy LOW sale, from $32. 95 down to $19.95 only


    But first of all, what is Chunky Bling?

       Chunky Bling started out in northern California and recently relocated to Utah. One of the owners as a kid was exposed to bead making and then flourished to a hobby / passion. Now making beaded jewelry of her own along side with her supportive husband.


    The sale is applicable for the watch sets only. You can get their new watch faces for FREE with the purchase of any band and this promo is UNLIMITED! Sweet right? You can order as much bands as you want and an equivalent number of watch faces FREE.


   This SALE ends at Midnight on Tuesday July 12th. So hurry! If you want to order enter the coupon code WATCH1995 at Checkout.


     Click here to see the SALE items and here for the incredible sale~

     I am happy to be an affiliate of Chunky Bling, if you decide to order please use my number as the referral:

     There are more pretty things to look at, at their site. Do visit okay? Smile


      Till then!





  1. thanks for the heads up kitten! :)

  2. oh, i also made a watch feature on my bloggie.

    i noticed that chunky watches are for women only, right?

  3. @john: Oo nga, I read that and I have to agree, nice watch btw.

    yes for women only, watches, rings and bracelets.

  4. naka-indicate dun na hindi ko relo yun ha, bwahahaha. pagyayaman na ako, bibili ako ng ganun.


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