Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tech talk: Galaxy Ace gingerbread update


The Android is the best thing that happened to mobile phone (in my honest opinion that is, I know some HARDCORE MAC fans out there who would disagree). But anyway, I am not here to compare between the two, as they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Anyway, I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy Ace with me for 5 months now and I’m very much happy with my purchase. But things got more better, I know it’s rather quite late, but I just want to share how gingerbread is way better than the froyo (android OS).

Honestly, I thought I was content with having a froyo, I also had this impression that if I update my previous OS to Gingerbread, all my apps will be deleted. Which is one the the major reasons why I didn’t want to update. I was wrong! dead wrong!

My man is finally part of the android family! A few days ago, he bought the Samsung Galaxy Y (young) at Parksquare Makati. Which is also another reason why I was more convinced to upgrade my OS.

  So, what is it about the Gingerbread update? 

  • A BETTER, WAAAY BETTER BATTERY LIFE BABY! In all caps, one of the weaknesses of the froyo is the battery life. Gingerbread made it better! Battery is a huge deal for me, and I’m pretty much sure same with you guys.
  •   As for UI (user interface), there were a few changes, better than nothing. Besides, it’s a fresh change from what I’ve been used to.
  • WIFI is much better (so far no crashing) and I was able to detect other networks, that the froyo was not able to detect before.
  • Faster and I mean FASTER performance, even playing my new favorite game Zombie city II vs. boss is smoother
  • Improved copy and paste function
  • A new system app called downloads (green icon)

  That’s the PROS, sadly, there are two functions that I miss about Froyo

  • Froyo has this message theme which you can choose from – default, gloss, memo, notepad, etc. Now it seems, that function is not available for gingerbread (?)
  • I can’t seem to screen capture anymore :(

 Here are comparison photo’s:

  •   Shutting down your phone:

  Normally, it only has 2 options now it has 4


  • Messaging




  • Drop down menu (before)





(bad quality image, sorry )

  • Widgets
  • widgets4


                                                  Samsung apps icon changed


                                                          SIM toolkit before…


                                   SIM tool kit now icon changed to GET IT!

And beside is the new widget – Downloads




                                            The time look changed as well


So far, that’s about it! I have another upcoming post on how to upgrade the firmware to gingerbread.


Till then!





  1. Envy... I want my Droid.... nao! xD

  2. Hold the Power button, then close the Task Manager while still holding the Home button. Press the Power button to take your screenshot. =)


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