Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beating the Oilies with L'Oreal Hydra fresh


After almost a month of product testing my L'Oreal Hydra fresh facial foam and anti – shine gel, I can now write down my thoughts about this product.


I’m happy that I decided to buy this product a month ago. I’ve tried a couple of oil control facial washes but none has really worked (that well) for someone who has a bad case of oilies in the face.

The first L'Oreal product I bought was the anti – shine icy foam. The product alone somehow helps lessen the oiliness in my face and I did see fair amount of result in lessening my large pores. Okay, it’s not that large but somewhat visible – ha-ha!


The facial wash is green in color and it does have that icy feeling when you lather the product in your face. Leaving your skin matte upon first wash, which by the way I really love.

It claims to lessen pores in four weeks and it did lessen mine around 5%. I’m actually pretty happy with the result of lessening my pores.


A full size bottle costs P195

As for oil control, I still do get oily but not as greasy as before. I still use blotting films from time to time.

On to the mattifying gel…


What I like about this gel is that it does mattify my face. It gives a smoother base upon using a foundation powder or BB cream.

Product claims to:


Road testing it…

Outdoors - It can last around 2to 3 hours max with minimum amount of shine. I feel It could probably last longer with a make-up primer which I will invest on soon.

Indoors – around 4 to 5 hours with a fair amount of oiliness. I just have to take a mental note to blot my face in between.

Please do take note the difference of word description used outdoors and indoors.

A jar costs around P395 which is pretty affordable as you only need an ample amount for the whole face.

Overall, I’m still very happy and do not regret “splurging” for this skin care. I will definitely continue buying the facial foam and the mattifying gel as soon as I run out. Well, not unless L'Oreal Philippines would sponsor me these products, ahem. Ha-ha!

Kidding aside, these products are well worth it. I will continue road testing it but this time with a face primer.


Anyone has the same problem as I do? What products do you use? Share in the comment section okay as I’d love to hear all of them~



All photos owned by Inside A Cat’s mind. Should you wish the need to grab the photo for reference or what not, kindly credit properly. Thank you :)

Till then!





  1. ooo nice. I might give this a shot some time when I finish some of my products. Thanks for sharing and for this review! :D

  2. What products do you use?

  3. I am currently using Celeteque and The Body Shop skin care (Tea tree range) right now. :P


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