Friday, October 19, 2012

What’s in a Haul?


Hello dear readers! Finally it’s Friday! Where I can officially get to kick off my shoes and just relax (at least for one day).

It’s been pretty busy with work and I feel a bit frustrated for slipping up, but I take it as a challenge and learn from my mistakes. As much as I am looking forward for the weekend, I’m also excited on what will happen for next week.

In the mean time, I was able to squeeze in some shopping/rewarding myself last week and also earlier today. Of course, this post is about the inevitable haul post that I would like to share with you. Might not be interesting for most, but probably for some whose curious to know, here’s what the kitty bought last week.

First up, some office supplies. I bought a Parker refillable ballpoint pen which costs, P179.00

It’s kind of a splurge but it’s way better than buying a new one which costs P500 and up.


Next is not much of a haul but I was happy to have finally bought the Etude Bubble hair color and Celeteque lip balm. I didn’t include the other items as they are just basic re stocking for my toiletries.


Etude Bubble hair color P378.00

Celeteque Sun Care lip balm P190.00

Body Treats hand soap (BOGO) P175.00

Carb Trim P150

Myra E P88.00

Earlier today, I was just supposed to buy cat food but since I promised myself to spend now save later, I went “mini” shopping for a couple of things (why not right?).


Zen Zest, Coral Eu de Toilette P200.00

Kojie San, foam wash, P295.00

While reading some blog posts from the bloggers I follow, I passed by Codenameaya’s blog and saw her Zen Zest tangerine purchase. I was actually curious and also because right after my task at Rustan’s it was just on the way to Mercury drug, which is where I bought the Kojie san foam wash.

I ended up buying Coral because it smells very lady like.

After such, I went to SM Hypermarket and bought the following (please refer to photo below).

I’m a huge fan of coconut drinks (plain buko juice) and seeing the Coco Quench commercial, their advertisement seemed to have tickled my curiosity.

The Hello Kitty filled biscuits was purchased just because they were cute. Sold at P12.00


Well, that’s about it for hauls. I’ll try my best to post about my experience with Etude’s hair bubble color and Celeteque’s lip balm soon.

Upcoming post is about contest prizes! Stay tuned!


Till then!




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