Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Kitten! Happy Friday!


I recently have been joining contests again, and just a few days ago I received my prize of Cetaphil products rom Rollercoasterride’s blog.

Cetaphil is a product that is much loved in our household, thanks to my sister Amanda. Winning from a contest is an added bonus, thank you Janice.

Unfortunately, the first photos can’t be uploaded because the image format was under a RAW file format (which is not my usual format when I take pictures – long story). Those were the cute ones because our little kitten was included. Ha-ha!

Anyhow, here are the prizes and her note.


Another contest I joined was Samsung’s Life just got better. I wasn’t expecting to win this one since I have never won any gadget contest, but to my surprise my sister and I won! This absolutely made my day! What a perfect way to end the week.


Thank you so much Samsung Mobile Philippines! Life definitely just got better with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

And the best thing about it? My dearest sister won one too! I know she will love it and finally she will have something to use, hopefully for a lifetime. I just saw this earlier this afternoon and even if I knew she’s attending a wedding with her BF, I called her up and we were screaming like little girls.

Well, that wraps up my post for the week. I will be testing out the products and make a follow up post about them soon. I can’t wait to claim my prize and you can expect a tech review about it too ;)





Till then!




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