Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My thoughts on Etude’s Bubble Hair Coloring


Hello dear readers! Happy Hump day! Definitely is a happy hump day for me today, as I received a call from Samsung that I can claim my prize tomorrow with my sister! Woo hoo!

Anyhow, I wanted to share my thoughts about Etude’s Hair Color Bubble, which I bought during my haul last week. I know a lot of people have raved and made a review about it, but 2 people namely Kari and Mars from hereismars asked if I can post photos.

I wanted to sport a red hair and luckily they have the red wine at SM Beauty Makati.



Inside the box

The pump bottle has water inside, about half full. I was skeptical at first if the amount of product would be enough for my long hair. Surprisingly it was more than enough. However, I wasn’t sure if I should’ve finished the whole bottle or just used what was enough for my hair.

What I did was, I used the whole thing and waited for 45 minutes as the SA instructed me.


I didn’t have any help so taking photos while using the products is a huge no no, as I don’t want to stain my camera. But the color of the foam for the red wine variant was violet and very foamy.

It was quite hard doing it yourself, and you can expect some uneven-ness. I noticed a couple of things though, when I used the whole thing, I noticed that my hair started feeling dry and stiff.

After 45 minutes, I rinsed off the residue and was scared for my life. My hair was really dry, however the treatment conditioner was the saving glory that day. It made my hair really soft, smooth and smelling good. If only Etude sells that treatment as a separate sachet, I would’ve bought a couple.

The next day….

I ran out of conditioner and didn’t have time to buy one. Normally, I could go out without any conditioner, although it looks frizzy it was still somehow “manageable”.

With the Bubble hair coloring, my hair was stiff and smelled like some kind of hair chemical. Now, I can’t leave the house without conditioner. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the whole thing?  Oh well~



It looks a bit brown with hints of red. Color pay off was decent, with the P378.00 price tag, there wasn’t so much to complain about.

Next time, I’m getting a decent hair color treatment at a salon, but that would have to wait probably before Christmas day.

Do you have the same experience as I did? Share away, I’d love to hear them~



Till then!




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